About the Fund

The Brent Hawkes Support Fund (BHSF) is a group of volunteers who have come together to:

  • Help Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes and his husband John Sproule with the burden of legal fees and other costs so that Brent can receive a fair trial
  • Provide accurate information about the legal process and the charges against Brent as they unfold
  • Educate people about the homophobic history of the charges and push for reform so that no member of the LGBTQ community is unfairly victimized by the criminal justice system

BHSF is not a registered charity so we cannot issue tax receipts. All donations are non-receiptable and non-refundable. Although the BHSF will help defray legal expenses, we are not operating a lawyer’s trust account. While we support Brent and the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, we are entirely independent of both. All funding decisions are made at the discretion of the majority of the two Co-Chairs and the Treasurer.

BHSF is a not-for-profit organization. When the charges are finally resolved, any surplus funds will be distributed equally between these three organizations: the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, an organization involved in the defence of the wrongly accused, and an organization providing support to persons impacted by sexual assault.